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Winnie Mandela's death came at a time when winds of change are blowing through the country, directed by the radically unapologetic and unconventional generation of young Black activists who are grounded in progressive discourses anchored on a pillar of intersectionality. It is these young radicals who, identifying as intersectional feminists, have sought to re-claim the memory of Winnie, to rescue it, once and for all, from the draconian clutches of a heteronormative society that has soug ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:38:55

stakeholders are an essential part of policy and legislative change. This article focuses on pivotal moments in the interaction between stakeholders marking the emergence of Child Law in South Africa. It explores the development of a new legislative and policy framework for children, examining specific strategies and approaches adopted by higher-end policymakers. Central to the study is government's ability to work with stakeholders within and across various government departments, civil ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:33:56

The study aimed to assess activists' understanding of the public resources management systems and explore their perspectives on social accountability information accessibility and distribution. Social accountability pertains to the practice of citizens holding the government accountable, which requires information for effective engagement. The study was conducted in Grahamstown, South Africa, a town plagued by the legacy of apartheid, and that, despite being a centre of educational excell ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:29:40

Public universities are mandated to advance learning, promotion of research, dissemination of knowledge, and other provisions that serve towards community engagement. Fulfilment of this mandate is reliant on an institution's effectiveness, which is largely dependent on the adequacy of funding. However, the Government of Uganda is continuously reducing funding towards universities. The article studies strategies employed in resource mobilisation in public universities in Uganda, examines t ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:22:43

Research indicates that one of the root causes of poor service delivery by the public service sector in South Africa is poor talent management strategies that fail to retain key talent. The current study was primarily aimed at exploring best practices for talent management in the South African statutory water board sector. A qualitative research design using a total of 13 structured e-mail interviews as data collection method was implemented. This took place within the context of a multiple c ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:17:31

The purpose of this study was to determine the narratives of public hospital managers and nurses in management about the determinants of nurse turnover. The literature reveals that the determinants of nurse turnover are at individual, organisational and industry levels. The turnover model showing determinants at these levels was developed by Mobley in the early 1980s. The research design was qualitative and cross-sectional. A purposive sampling technique was used to select participants (i.e. ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:13:16

This study investigated women leadership under-representation in public enterprises in Swaziland, with the purpose of establishing the barriers impeding women from rising to leadership positions. The first objective sought to explore the barriers to women ascension to leadership positions in public enterprise in Swaziland. The second objective evaluated the effectiveness of women leadership contribution to a new leadership dispensation. To achieve these objectives, women in different position ...

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2021-Jun-27 20:08:11

The aim of the study was to investigate relationship between perceived organisational support (POS), job satisfaction (JS) and organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) in a public service organisation. No previous studies could be found relating perceived organisational support, job satisfaction and organisational citizen behaviour, in a public service organisation such as the South African Police Service. A quantitative and descriptive research design was adopted to investigate a sample of ...

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2021-Jun-27 19:56:45

Cassandra and African Peacemaker: Adebayo Adedeji - Africa's Cassandra & Ghana's Kofi Annan – An African Peacemaker

Epitome of Altruism: Zola Sidney Themba Skweyiya

In the Service of Humanity: Stanislaus S'kumbuzo Mzilankatha Sangweni


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2021-Jun-27 19:54:27

The Journal of Public Administration is a quarterly scholarly publication of the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM). Its objective is to further the understanding of the science and praxis of public affairs. This is intended to realise SAAPAM's mission as a knowledge-based organisation, which is to encourage and promote good governance and effective service delivery through the advancement of professionalism and scholarship. SAAPAM is the legal owne ...

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2021-Jun-27 19:51:03