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South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) : 11th Annual Conference : conference announcement


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2021-Jun-19 20:14:02

The book is a valuable contribution to the debates and policy proposals currently taking place in the South African body politic. At its launch in Cape Town early this year - which was attended by local and international media, politicians and policy-makers, public intellectuals and opinion-makers and scholars from different disciplinary pursuits - the book engendered so much debate on the Zuma administration. It is not surprising that the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) dedicat ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:11:51

The article argues that South Africa has a very useful weapon for strengthening democracy in the form of the izimbizo public forums but that this weapon is not being utilised appropriately. In fact, the izimbizo forums, in their present form, are a travesty of the good they should be. Besides being state-led, they are a microcosm of challenges within the administration of government. These challenges include poor coordination, delays, lack of consultation, poor follow-up on issues and politic ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:08:42

Urban agriculture is an activity of growing importance in cities of the developing world, including South Africa. This article focuses on informing public administrators about contemporary policy debates on urban agriculture. Key international debates on policy and planning for urban agriculture point to the vital importance of local institutional support for urban agriculture in order to maximise the benefits of this activity. The policy experience of the City of Cape Town is analysed as off ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:06:14

The re-structuring of the South African education system in the new dispensation necessitated the transformation of the Educator Evaluation Policy from an authoritarian and bureaucratic system to one that embraced the principles of democracy. In keeping with transformational imperatives in the Education sector, performance evaluation policies for schools were initiated in 1998, with the launch of the Developmental Appraisal System (DAS), followed by the Whole School Evaluation (WSE) in 2001. ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:03:35

The introduction of Government-Wide Monitoring and Evaluation (GWME) policy in South Africa in 2005 and the establishment of the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA) in 2006 were well applauded by many South Africans who had for many years since the arrival of a democratic state desired public accountability and better service delivery. These initiatives have undoubtedly influenced the establishment of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in the Zuma Presidenc ...

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2021-Jun-19 19:59:09

Information Technology (IT) is becoming ever-increasingly important in the ways municipalities manage and use their information for decision-making purposes. Municipal service delivery is absolutely dependent on accurate information as well as the related IT infrastructure that captures, stores and transmits information. It is critically important to ensure that information related IT is adequately governed. This will ensure that the correct information is always available to the correct enti ...

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2021-Jun-19 19:55:42