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There has not been much research emphasis on the role and strategies public institutions should adopt in conserving the built heritage environment in a South African context of transformation. This article will illustrate by means of examples from an international perspective numerous strategies and policies that could be put in place by public institutions to assist in the current execution of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (25 of 1999). The Act will be explained briefly, followed ...

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2021-Jun-12 18:13:22

The culture of non-payment, and other reasons, have increased the outstanding debts of municipalities and other public institutions for services rendered by them to disturbing levels. This situation is so serious that one of the most important building blocks of the public sector, namely municipalities, can collapse. The accounting and control measures within municipalities with regard to outstanding debts, and in particular to the collection of these debts together with political interferenc ...

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2021-Jun-12 18:09:47

It is expected of the members of the Senior Management Service (SMS) of the South African public service to manage and lead their respective institutions within the context of an ever changing environment. Since 1994, the public sector has been experiencing major transformation, as is the case with all other sectors, which also entailed structural transformation because of changing policies and priorities. This gives an indication of the specific and dynamic environment in which members of th ...

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2021-Jun-12 18:07:25

This paper explores democratic participation as a fundamental concept for improving service delivery in rural local government in Zimbabwe. The paper argues that it is vital to show commitment to the democratic process through implementable plans that compel councillors in Zimbabwe's rural district councils (RDCs) to involve communities in the service delivery process. The paper acknowledges that although Zimbabwe has arguably adopted commendable local government policies and has establis ...

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2021-Jun-12 18:04:35