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This article focuses on fundamental aspects that are crucial in evaluation research. A brief outline is provided of the different types of evaluation research, the methodological issues regarding evaluation research as well as the social and political context of evaluation research. The utilisation of evaluation results is also discussed, focusing on guidelines for maximising the utilisation of those research results. It also briefly deals with the utilisation of appreciative inquiry in evalu ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:58:27

All empirical research involves some form of data collection. One of the approaches commonly used in the human sciences, is survey research. This article focuses on the various forms of interviews and using the questionnaire technique as a data collection instrument often associated with surveys. It puts the different interview types on a continuum, ranging from structured to unstructured interviews into perspective against two underlying types of data, namely qualitative and quantitative dat ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:54:19

This article gives an overview of the process and logic of sampling. The article begins by describing the basic building blocks of sampling theory. The most common sampling designs that can be used in social science research are discussed and is divided into two broad categories : Probability sampling which include simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, multi-stage cluster sampling and probability proportionate to size (PPA) sampling, and Non-proba ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:51:52

This article examines the fundamentals of index and scaling techniques in public administration research. The article identifies the common features as well as the differences between indices and scales. This is followed by a discussion of index construction in terms of the steps in selecting the possible items, examining their empirical relationships, and scoring and validating the index and scale construction. Attention is also paid to scale construction including a brief discussion of the ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:48:03

The activity of measurement in the research process is explained and assessed in this article, illustrated with examples of empirical applications in the field of Public Administration and Management. The measurement issues that are addressed are conceptualisation, specification of variables and indicators, and the operationalisation or implementation of those variables. The different operational choices available to the Public Administration and Management researcher as he / she embarks upon ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:45:05

There seems to be a general lack of practical guidelines in the literature that could help the prospective researcher to apply the basic scientific principles found in all the textbooks on research methodology. Evidence of this lack was found through countless consultation sessions, scrutiny of available literature, as well as discussions with experienced researchers who are usually quite conversant with the theoretical aspects of their subjects. This article introduces the researcher to the ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:42:15

This article addresses the need to carry out an effective and efficient literature review when conducting research of any kind. Its importance cannot be underestimated as it provides a review of a body of knowledge as well as a basis for the research undertaken. The purpose and importance of a literature review are considered before focussing on the strategy and procedure to be undertaken for reviewing literature. Finally emphasis is placed on useful guidelines to researchers / authors in ens ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:39:21

This article aims to describe the purpose of research, the importance of research design and the research paradigms available to the researcher. Two basic approaches are identified namely, quantitative and qualitative research designs as well as the use of a number of these quantitative and qualitative techniques.


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2021-Jun-13 09:35:14

The aim of this article is to introduce the reader to the concepts and process of a social research and to provide the foundational information that is necessary for understanding the research process and social research methods. As a starting point and basis to the rest of this issue, this article provides background information in order to connote the interrelationships between the purpose, concepts, methods, design and process of a social research. This is followed by a conceptual backgrou ...

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2021-Jun-13 09:30:18