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The rules of work are in a constant state of flux. New benchmarks are being developed and used by which employees can be evaluated. The advent of the emotional intelligence phenomenon over the last decade has questioned traditional views of what it takes to be, for example, an effective manager or an effective organization. The view that high emotional intelligence may lead to personal and professional success has generated interest in, among others, academics, managers and the general public ...

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2021-Jun-11 14:50:11

Insufficient use is currently made of policy impact indicators to enable governments to effectively assess the impacts of their policy programmes on objectives of sustainable development. Attempts to develop systematic policy impact indicators have so far taken place mainly in North America and Europe, where more sophisticated management applications are found, and where the technological advances in software applications in the public sector have made such specialised foci possible and feasi ...

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2021-Jun-11 14:44:41

The very nature of administrative arrangements suggests that the form of centralisation or decentralisation of power to constituent units, regions or states is a fundamental issue for all societies, as this has implications for the machinery of government. The federal system, a devolved form of government with varying degrees of regional autonomy, suggests that a greater level of co-existence will be achieved, but this is not always the case as complexities in the management of var ...

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2021-Jun-11 14:38:14

The subject of this inquiry is human resource management with specific reference to diversity in the public sector and the consequent challenges of inequality and exclusions which need to be addressed. The emphasis is on people or human resources, the contention being that personnel administration ignores the human face of the workplace by concentrating on systems and procedures. Diversity in the workplace is recognized when the worldviews the workforce subscribes to, are identified. Recognit ...

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2021-Jun-11 14:31:33

This paper explores the use of public administration approaches to targeting policy for continental development. The paper argues that it is vitally important for participation in the re-vitalization of the governance and leadership imperatives in both the African Union (AU) and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). Although the paper supports the idea of the founding principles of the NEPAD concept within the framework of the AU, it further contends that the need for a sy ...

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2021-Jun-10 17:08:44