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Ecologically sustainable development in the utilization of the natural resources is a prerequisite for an environment protected for the benefit of the present and future generations of the Republic of South Africa. Cognisance will be taken of those factors which contributed to or which prevented the realisation of this goal in the Cederberg Wilderness Area. Reference will be made to those factors by describing its geographical area, factors assisting and mitigating against sustainable develop ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:30:43

Leadership is a popular topic in organisational behaviour because of the assumed role it plays in group and organisational effectiveness. It is assumed that the success of a group depends primarily on the quality of leadership. The ability to inspire and motivate others and transform them into committed contributors to the organisation is the function of leadership. There is an assumption that, looking for an overarching model of 'leadership' can be both futile and counterproductive, ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:24:55

The purpose of this article is to investigate the domestic and socio-economic influences on the performance of African women managers in the Free State Provincial Administration. The effectiveness of the African woman manager in the Public Service is playing an increasingly important role in service delivery, as more and more women are being appointed in managerial posts. The public sector with its various governmental institutions has led the way for the introduction of women into the profes ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:20:11

Municipal employees should not only strive towards attainment of predetermined goals, they should also ensure that in the quest for those goals they adhere to ethical standards. These ethical standards include efficiency, economy and diligence. In this manuscript factors contributing to efficiency and effectiveness in local government are identified and explained. These factors include internal organizational arrangements, institutional climate and motivation. The manuscript also focuses on t ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:09:55

Local government in South Africa faces many challenges, and one of these is the encouragement of the community and community based organisations in local government matters. This is a constitutional obligation which tends to pose dilemmas for municipal councils. Meaningful participatory government requires active and direct involvement of the community in matters that affect their well-being. Given the history of local government in the country this might seem far-fetched. Community participa ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:05:39

The article contextualizes the guidelines of public administration within selected African community values. The fact that it is the guidelines that are contextualized and not values within the guideline is fundamental to the delimitation and the articulation of the identified problem. Importantly, it is the cultural value aspects that inform the guidelines and not vice versa. The article is on the selected African values in that there could be other values that are not necessarily referred t ...

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2021-Jun-11 09:01:46

Conference theme : "Ten Years of Democracy: Good Governance and the Future Public Service in South Africa."



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2021-Jun-11 08:56:12

The South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM), intends conferring two awards at the forthcoming 2004 annual conference, one for the best academic and the other for the best practitioner in the field of Public Administration and Management. The main purpose of these awards is to identify and acknowledge government employees and academics who excel in their work. "Today, it is more important than ever that effective an efficient government (employees and ac ...

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2021-Jun-11 08:50:33