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In order to understand the spate of service delivery-related protests experienced in South Africa in the past years, in-depth participatory research, community based collaboration, as well as academic practitioner community debate, not hitherto utilised, is required. Service delivery related protests require a multipronged approach involving many stakeholders because of the many factors that may contribute to their cause. This implying that that the solutions to service delivery related prote ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:57:41

Contemporary South Africa is a state of contradictions. It is a country well-endowed with natural resources, relatively cheap labour and a well-established corporate/private sector. The political emancipation in 1994 was met with much fanfare and promises and expectations of economic freedom. What escaped the political and economic discourse of the majority of the citizens was the damage inflicted by state-supported business practices on the most vulnerable of the society. The majority of the ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:55:02

Corruption is now recognised as one of the South African (SA) government's greatest challenges in the public sector. The Public Service Commission (PSC) has stated that the five most common manifestations of the corruption which is on the increase in the SA public sector are fraud and bribery, mismanagement of government funds, abuse of government resources, identity document fraud and procurement irregularities. It is a major hindrance to good governance, with a disproportionate impact o ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:52:15

This article makes a theoretical comparative examination of citizen-driven approaches in the fight against corruption in Uganda's and South Africa's local government systems. These countries are compared on the basis that they are both democratic countries, their constitutions were enacted at around the same time and both countries started their decentralisation programmes at about the same time. Corruption is possibly one of the most serious impediments to effective service delivery. ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:48:22

Rurality is a central concept in rural development strategy and governance. The meaning of 'rural', however, tends to vary considerably depending on who employs what meaning and for what purpose. This article seeks to critically interrogate the extent to which the 'rural' and rural development policy can be conceived and articulated through the epistemic conceptualisation of Public Administration as a postpositivist, postmodern or postnormal science. The article argues that mo ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:45:26

Although one has always been in the periphery of the editorship of the Journal of Public Administration, or what Roslyn Petelin describes as "editing from the edge" (2005: 458), being thrust to the centre as the Chief Editor came as a daunting challenge. For, taking over a responsibility that has always been superbly executed by those who came before me is naturally associated with the question: would I fit in their large shoes? This question is inevitable as it is critically import ...

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2021-Jun-20 20:42:51