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The aim of this article is to determine the income and expenditure patterns of the employed, unemployed and not economically active populations of selected rural communities in the Nwanedi River Basin and to compare them with poor townships in Soweto. The article analyses the poverty gap of every household. Due to the sensitivity of households about their income, the questionnaire surveys the expenditure in great detail to determine monthly expenditure. Not surprisingly, many households have ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:43:37

This article explores current issues pertaining to the SMME procurement process on a local government sphere within the scope of three Gauteng metropolitan areas. The process itself is known to be the subject of various concerns regarding, firstly, the efficiency and effectiveness of local government and, secondly, entrepreneurial performance on the part of SMMEs. Government procurement offers rewarding business opportunities for the SMME sector, with the resultant beneficial outcomes, such a ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:40:11

Public service in South Africa is characterised by widespread allegations of unethical conduct, and this has generated widespread concern among politicians and public officials and consequently a search for remedies. In order to promote positive ethical conduct in the South African public service, it is important to facilitate a process of behavioural change. Ideally this would create a situation where values, articulated particularly in the public service environment, were synonymous with th ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:36:39

The public sector work environment needs leaders who are able to drive transformation, while managing the performance of their work units effectively. Since leadership effectiveness represents the standards by which leaders are judged, a crucial aspect of leadership effectiveness relates to the perceptions of those who are being led. The aim of this research was to obtain the perceptions of followers and leaders regarding leadership effectiveness within a public sector institution in South Af ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:33:18

In terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 section 114(2) 'a provincial legislature must provide for mechanisms to ensure that all provincial executive organs of state in the province are accountable to it; and to maintain oversight of the exercise of provincial executive authority in the province including the implementation of legislation...' To fulfil this constitutional obligation a provincial legislature appoints members to constitute Parliamentary Standin ...

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2021-Jun-19 20:26:50