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The failure of the centralised state particularly in developing countries to facilitate development has resulted in an alternative tool being introduced, namely decentralisation. The author seeks to present decentralisation not only as an integral part of development, but more importantly as one of the key components of good governance. Given the fact that the new local government dispensation in South Africa has a developmental focus, the author found it both appropriate and convenient (he w ...

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2021-Jun-13 00:24:51

The main purpose of this article is to conceptualise and contextualise both the establishment and role played by the South African social security system in relation to its efficacy in alleviating poverty in general and its administration in particular. Thus, the article attempts to provide a sound and critical commentary on the establishment of the South African Social Security Agency as a classic form of alternative service delivery in the South African context. It goes without saying that ...

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2021-Jun-13 00:21:26

With the focus of many discussions and debates centered on public sector service delivery this article examines Max Weber's bureaucracy in the 21st century. Many are of the opinion that Weber's bureaucracy depicts red tape, delays and rigidity. However, this author's intention is to demonstrate that the bureaucracy is indeed a rational organization that, if adapted to modern day political, social and economic conditions can contribute towards improved service deliv ...

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2021-Jun-13 00:14:37

This article comments on the suitability of both the 2003 Country Corruption Assessment Report (CCAR) and Public Service Anti-corruption Strategy recommendations to combat public sector corruption in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Anti-corruption measures should be informed by the nature and causes of corruption. In a survey undertaken in the same year that the CCAR was published (2003) the responses of 21 government managers and 11 anti-corruption agents suggest that corruption is ubiquitous throughou ...

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2021-Jun-13 00:06:45

The days of the cash basis of accounting in the public sector are past. The cash basis of accounting does not provide accurate cost information with regard to resources consumed in the process of service delivery and without accurate cost information the decision-making process in the public sector is seriously hindered. The Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (PFMA) prescribes the adoption of the Generally Recognised Accounting Practice which prescribe accruals-based accounting. Public secto ...

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2021-Jun-13 00:00:52

South Africa has been a democracy for ten years in 2004 and it has been eight years since government endorsed local economic development (LED) as part of its strategy to transform institutions and society. The blue print for LED is applicable on all spheres of government, from provincial governments right down to municipalities. It seems that uncertainty exists as to what LED is all about. To add to the lack of clarity, LED objectives duplicate national government objectives for the economy, ...

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2021-Jun-12 23:55:48