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The purpose of this article is to examine the sources (causes) of conflict, the effect that conflict has on employees in a medium-sized municipality and the types of conflict styles employees apply in conflict situations. Considering the fact that transformation and affirmative action have taken place at an accelerated rate during the past decade in municipalities, it is assumed that interpersonal conflict in these institutions could be the result of unique causes and that it affects employee ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:52:09

Since the early 90's, globalisation has become a universal slogan in almost all aspects of human endeavours ranging from politics, commerce, economy and public governance. Globalisation has given countries and regions of the world opportunities to play a role on the world stage. This has placed a major demand on the local, national and regional public policy decision-making processes. In response to these demands, there is a need to establish linkages between some major public policy deci ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:48:16

The literature on empowerment distinguishes two types or levels of empowerment, namely structural empowerment that operates on a macro level and includes managerial practices to empower employees, and psychological empowerment on the individual level, referring to the individual's subjective experience of empowerment. This article concentrates on the later and defines the concept as the individual's sense of perceived control, competence and goal internalisation (Menon, 2001). The stu ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:41:58

Immediately after the 1994 elections the post-apartheid Government intervened and embarked, by means of legislative and institutional measures, upon on strategies to integrate and enable people with disabilities to fully participate in the mainstream labour market as well as in Public Service employment (the Public Service is the largest employer in the country) which aimed to include 2% of people with disabilities by 2005. This target has still not been achieved and in July 2006 the overall ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:38:11

This article reports on findings from a research study that investigated perceptions of affirmative action appointees regarding training and development intended to assists them to function effectively. The aim of this article is to determine whether affirmative action appointees are provided with the necessary training and development. The research was conducted in the Mpumalanga public hospitals in South Africa. The article also provides perceptual intuition on what affirmative action appoi ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:33:43

Scientific research is essential to increase the body of knowledge and to increase an understanding of the environment around us. Knowledge could be increased through the discovery of facts, interpreting legislation and formulating and implementing policies. Understanding is increased by constructing explanations of the knowledge discovered and by arranging the knowledge and explanations into logical generalizations, or into theories. This article focuses on a theory of public administration, ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:30:21

The article is critical and inter-disciplinary analyses of the selected criticisms leveled against (P) public (A) administration as a field of study and an activity. The selected criticisms are identified and are those that question the relevancy of (P) public (A) administration; the limitation of the generic administrative functions; the fact that analytical skills lack in the teaching and practice of (P) public (A) administration and the notion of the implementation of apartheid policies. E ...

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2021-Jun-14 17:25:58

The developmental state and conceptual interpolations : A comparative policy-targeting for South Africa within a global context in Volume 42 Number 3


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2021-Jun-14 17:20:48