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The democratic government's commitment to a people centred and people driven model of development has meant that the new policies had to be (re)designed and crafted to reflect a non-racial and non-sexist society underpinned by democratic ideals and principles such as equality, social justice, transparency, accountability and good governance. Programmes at national, provincial and local sphers were spearheaded by the new government in order to balance reconstruction and development. The im ...

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2021-Jun-19 22:57:44

This article addresses the question of whether municipal managers should be apolitical when performing the duties assigned to them in the context of the politics-administration dichotomy. The dichotomy model holds that the council does not get involved in administration and that the municipal manager has no involvement in shaping policies. Models which describe and analyse the relationship between politics and administration are identified. These models are dichotomy model / depoliticised bur ...

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2021-Jun-19 22:54:15

The research aims to assist in building the commitment of the huge cadre of health workers and the public service on the whole, who face constant challenges often under trying conditions, and whose expertise and compassion is the lifeblood of the health service. However, in accordance with the premise of internal marketing, in order to have satisfied customers, the institution must also have satisfied employees. The research therefore, aims to assess employee feelings about their job, achieve ...

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2021-Jun-19 22:51:37

This article seeks to find out how corruption within the Uganda Police Force affects service delivery by examining the perception of recipients of the police services and looking at three variables; speed of service, efficiency of service and quality of service. The results are drawn from an empirical investigation of research undertaken in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The findings reveal that respondents do not generally see corruption as affecting service delivery. This can be attri ...

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2021-Jun-19 21:49:52