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In South Africa the impact of all training and development initiatives are being assessed with reference to the extent to which they promote overall performance and the achievement of the policy goals and priorities of the current African National Congress led government. In this way a form of macro organising and coordination of all learning and acquired knowledge and skills manifests and becomes an ongoing and integral part of the public service transformation and development process of thi ...

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2021-Jun-12 17:11:45

Eleven years into democracy, an enormous challenge facing South Africa is closing the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of gender equality. Since the advent of democracy, major legislative changes have been effected to ensure there is redress to the injustices of the past. This has resulted in a progressive Constitution. Also, there are policies in place that will enable organizations to close the gap between those who benefited from discriminatory policies of the past and the ones tha ...

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2021-Jun-12 17:07:51

The greatest enemy that faces mankind in the twenty first century, after the effects of World War II, is undoubtedly, the syndrome HIV / AIDS. It is a World War III in that it has mankind of all nations as targets. The predominance however, is in Africa, in view of the causal factors that emerge from general underdevelopment. The pandemic has already taken toll on governance issues for African governments. In South Africa the effects of the dreaded disease are equally severe. It is estimated ...

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2021-Jun-12 17:04:04

This article attempts to describe the formation of public choice and the role that government should play in accommodating this in its regulatory environment. The need to foster institutions arises from certain intrinsic qualities of society at large, such as the limited capacity of individuals to address public issues. Collective needs are often expressed and one of the roles of an institution such as government is to address these needs. It is assumed that government should, in the design o ...

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2021-Jun-12 16:54:40

Waste management, one of the main service functions of local authorities, has traditionally been confined to mainly urban areas. Environmental problems caused by poor waste management practices are, however, not confined to urban areas. Although less significant in terms of volume, rural waste poses greater logistical challenges to service delivery. Rural population and landowners are generally not served by public removal services and are mostly prohibited from using existing urban disposal ...

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2021-Jun-12 16:50:33