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Public participation in the life of a government and parliament is not just a moral obligation on the part of parliament and legislators, but is also a constitutional obligation. Good governance must include initiatives to strengthen the institutions of government and civil society, with a view to making government transparent, democratic and accountable to the public. Participation in the governance and administration of a country by legislators together with civil society are indispensable ...

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2021-Jun-14 18:59:32

Fiscal decentralisation may create a better delivery of public services and a faster response to local and national responsibilities. However a major constraint towards an effective fiscal decentralisation process is the phenomenon of inadequate finance to sub-national governments especially in developing countries. Fiscal decentralisation in developing countries has been approached in different ways and has yielded different results. In order to have sound fiscal decentralisation processes a ...

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2021-Jun-14 18:54:49

Lesotho has one of the highest rates of HIV / AIDS in the world. The country is also one of the poorest in Africa and has high rates of unemployment. These factors contribute to the vulnerability of women in particular, and their susceptibility to commercial sex work as a survival strategy. National policies and programmatic interventions to address the HIV / AIDS pandemic emphasize the role of information, education and communication. This approach has limited applicability in the context of ...

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2021-Jun-14 18:49:10

This article argues that some of the service delivery-related concerns raised by members of the public are attributable to poor leadership in some of the government departments. The concept of leadership in this article is not about the positions that employees occupy in the public service. It is instead about the behaviour of the public officials in the delivery of services to the clientele communities. This article further argues that through leadership, that is, desirable behaviour in the ...

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2021-Jun-14 18:42:15