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South African local government managers presently face a formidable range of challenges. Over and above the management of the local government institutional transformation processes and associated issues, an equally important management challenge looms, namely the brownfields phenomena. The problem of brownfields impacts widely within South African municipal boundaries. Brownfields are defined as follows : "Abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expans ...

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2021-Jun-10 15:33:30

Local economic development is dependent on human, natural and capital resources as well as on trade, monetary and fiscal policies. However, ultimately the availability of effective employees remains the crucial requirement for identifying and implementing economic development. The paper argues that employees with low skills could significantly reduce the gross geographical product of provinces and thus compromise South Africa's industrial policy and economic growth and even prevent integr ...

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2021-Jun-10 15:35:51

The Government of the day fulfills an important role in the development and sustainability of the skills of public officials. This acquired skills is of importance in order to deliver an effective service to all South Africans. The necessary financial resources should be made available to develop and to sustain the skills of public servants. However the lack of these resources can be related to inadequate training programs for officials in the public service. This brings Government ...

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2021-Jun-10 15:34:39

This paper examines a variety of issues and sub-issues within the realm of equity in the academic workplace or institutions of higher learning. It starts with a clarification of the environments terminology. Debates continue to revolve around the need for preserving excellence, freedom of speech and academic freedom and whether or not equity-based programmes will threaten traditions such as these. There is a fear of displacement on the part of those who have benefited in the past a ...

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2021-Jun-17 00:02:34