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Lekgotla (assembly, dialogue) seems to fit into the debate on local management strategies that has been going on in South Africa over the past ten years. Authors like Christie, Lessem and Mbigi (Christie 1996, Lessem & Nussbaum 1996, Lessem & Mbigi 1994, Mbigi & Maree 1995, Mbigi 1997, Mbigi 2000) have published about 'African Management' and 'African Business Renaissance', whereas Koopman has written about 'transcultural management' (Koopman 1991). In thes ...

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2021-Jun-10 16:59:18

The author uses the metaphors of the 'masquerade' which can be decribed as a "social party composed of persons masked or costumed" and where "guests wear masks to disguise their identities" (Funk & Wagnalls, 1968). Within this context the use of the concept of 'tasting like a connoisseur' to judge the merit of the guests is applicable as long as the 'tasting' conforms to scientific criteria and does not become simply an objective opinion. The au ...

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2021-Jun-10 16:56:09

The responsibility of the South African government to urgently address the state of national health care places great pressure on its limited resource base, particularly against the background of its extensive portfolio of transformation priorities. These facts ensure that any approach taken in the past will be problematic and incomplete. Despite this, allegations are often made of supposed incompetence of various provincial hospitals to provide health care in line with South African Constitu ...

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2021-Jun-10 16:53:52