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Intermediate-level public sector skills provision and FET Colleges : expanding the agenda and widening the impact, Journal of Public Administration, 44 (1) 2009 : pp. 30-43 : erratum


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2021-Jun-16 18:03:26

A universally acceptable administrative culture is perhaps an illusive concept in the administrative sciences. Different countries have different cultures and at times different cultures exist within the same country. The problems of developing a universal administrative culture may also vary, ranging from politics, social and economic factors, exacerbated by unequal levels of development of different countries and political instability in developing countries. However, the development of an ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:59:56

Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) are prerequisites for the effective functioning of municipalities in South Africa. The Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) requires municipalities to introduce and comply with its stipulations for an effective and efficient municipal service delivery. This article observes features of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality's (CTMM) IDP's compliance with the forgoing legislation. The article further discusses the con ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:57:06

Quality management is described as an approach to the art of management to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction by restructuring traditional management practices. The overriding objective of quality management is customer satisfaction. Quality Management is not a specific set of activities, it is a management approach in which every employee is empowered with direct responsibilities related to the quality of the products or services provided by the organisation. The foll ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:54:16

The South African public service is faced with challenges from different fronts to deliver services. Much has been achieved in the fourteen years of democracy in South Africa, but more could have been achieved, especially in the area of policy implementation and performance improvement. The major challenge is that, despite intense endeavors directed at improving service delivery, lack of, or mediocre delivery continues to plague the public service. While the availability of solid public polic ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:51:02

The purpose of this article is to locate both conceptually and contextually corporate governance in the South African public sector. The article is based on the premise that corporate governance is not solely confined to private sector milieu and as such it is incumbent upon public sector organisations to embrace corporate governance with a view to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and reputation. It further provides a corporate governance framework underpinned by the Ki ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:48:17

The critical role of an effective service delivery process in ensuring sustainable access to basic services by the citizenry cannot be overemphasised. Its critical relationship to social stability and democracy can also not be ignored. In this regard, attempts should thus be made to explore a variety of approaches that promote effective service delivery. Community development is one such approach. The concept of community development places people at the centre of the development process, wit ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:44:05

The purpose of this article is to assess the state of financial reporting in provincial government departments. One of the obstacles in transforming financial reporting in South Africa is to change from cash to accrual accounting. The research revealed that while most public sector accounting guidelines and legislation are in place, government departments are still using cash accounting. The current accounting information system seems to be unsuitable for accrual accounting. Respondents assig ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:38:06

While considerable progress has been registered in the transformation of the South African public service, financial management remains the focal point of contention. South Africa is at a dynamic phase in its history and development. It is imperative for the government to apply sound financial management principles and ensure proper public administration in rendering services to the public and enforce the best accounting standards in terms of the Generally Accepted Accounting Practice. A comp ...

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2021-Jun-16 17:34:43