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Public transport management in South Africa has undergone tremendous changes over the past ten years or so. Regime theory as a fundamental theory used to analyse public transport management in the 21st century has resulted in a number of changes in philosophical thinking in relation to managing public transportation. World-wide phenomena such as globalisation as a process reflective of the monopolistic accumulation of capital by multi-nationals mostly in the capitalist western world has chang ...

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2021-Jun-20 08:54:15

This article examines how well the Mgwalana Traditional Authority (MTA) is performing its role of governing and developing its area and the municipal area of Nkonkobe in the Province of the Eastern Cape. The Chief of the MTA is one of the 2 400 traditional leaders in South Africa who are responsible for giving leadership and development services to approximately 16 million people living in the rural areas. This article tries to find answers to two research questions: 1) What part does the Mgw ...

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2021-Jun-20 08:49:55

Public finance is considered to be the overriding factor in determining the viability of local government. Presumably, without sound financial management systems, municipalities will be forced to discontinue their operations. It is imperative that municipal stakeholders, such as municipal officials, mayors, ward councilors, traditional leaders and interest groups, among others, should have a sound basic knowledge and application of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act 56 of 2003) a ...

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2021-Jun-20 08:45:04

This article argues that the roots of the crisis in public policy performance in South Africa, post 1994, can be traced back to the fact that communities are endorsees rather than co-originators of policies that affect their lives. Hence the article argues that the dilemma of policy performance is the dilemma of the 'first instance' and this is about co-origination and co-authorship of policy issues with citizens and communities. The notion of 'co-origination' derives from Hab ...

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2021-Jun-20 08:38:51