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Africa is prone to disasters due to various factors including natural disasters and upheavals precipitated by humans. Complementary challenges are a vulnerable population and the low levels of economic wellbeing that predominate in the region. Disasters of every form hinder the development process in a country and it is thus crucial that there be an appropriate disaster risk reduction process to cushion their impact on development.The rationale of the article is to underline the view that cou ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:37:09

The task of attracting foreign direct investment, which is central to the operation and success of Industrial Development Zones, is highly specialised and requires very specific global competencies. From the marketing practitioner who engages with multi-cultural target groups the world over to the industry sector specialist based in the zone, the leadership team must possess the competencies required to succeed in the global environment. Given the complexities of the global environment, it is ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:25:27

This article critically examines the achievements and limitations of the local economic development (LED) programme spearheaded by the Cato Manor Area Based Management Programme of eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. This was a five-year pilot project, which began in 2003 as part of a broader City's Area Based Management and Development Programme. The evidence suggests that the fundamental goal of a location-specific LED, which is to integrate social and economic development, has pro ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:18:50

After conducting a successful quantitative survey in the Khayelitsha informal settlement in the Western Cape Province (Hanyane, Nkgabe & Lekonyane, 2012) on the topic of open toilets politics, a second survey was undertaken in the Rammulotsi Township in Viljoenskroon in the Free State Province. Both cases presented the problem of poor local government performance in the area of sanitation in varying degrees. A comparison of the results of the two surveys is discussed in another article. T ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:13:01

South Africa's post-apartheid era presents conflicting perceptions on issues of governance with regards to traditional leadership, among other things. This is a point of great concern in contemporary times especially for communities in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which is steeped in tradition with a very strong Kingdom of the Zulu nation. The authority that was in the hands of the chiefs, amakhosi in the old dispensation, is suddenly questionable. Drawing on the work of Mngadi (2006) a ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:10:25

A tribute by the Chief Editor of the Journal of Public Administration and the President of the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM).


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2021-Jun-20 21:07:15

As we were finalising this December 2012 edition of the Journal of Public Administration, tragedy struck the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM). We lost Professor Pholoso Disoloane of the University of South Africa (UNISA), whose untimely departure followed that of Dr Peter Veeran of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). This happened when the fraternity was still mourning the deaths of the Minister of Public Service and Administration (DP ...

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2021-Jun-20 21:01:32